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Analytics are templates into which you insert the data that you want to view in your BOBJ - Dashboard. Some of the most commonly used analytics are:

  • Gauges such as Speedometers and traffic lights
  • A Navigation List or Web Page Analytic with a Viewer
  • Text

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Analytics saved to the repository vs analytics embedded in dashboards

There are different ways to create analytics, if you create them :

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BOBJ - Dashboard

A dashboard is composed of one or more . A corporate dashboard can have several tabs and sub tabs, which you can add, move, and copy from one corporate dashboard to another. In : Dashboards >...
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Deploy Xcelsius template-based analytics with Analytic Template Publisher

You use the “Analytic Template Publisher” to publish your Crystal Xcelsius templates to the BusinessObjects Enterprise . This allows you to use them in to create new . The Data Exploration analytics,...

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