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The most problem with Business Object is to find good tutorial to start. The key word to find tutorial on BOBJ is “Getting Started”.

You can find this kind of document :

All the user's guide contain also very valuable examples.

Which product to start

  1. SAP BO - InfoView : The Infoview User Guide in the start menu is a good documentation
  2. SAP BO - Web Intelligence rich client : To start with SAP BO - Web Intelligence rich client, you can follow this document Getting Started with BusinessObjects. It's for the version BusinessObjects 6.5 but you can easily follow it in the XI version.
  3. Desktop Intelligence : see the product guide (xi3_desktop_intelligence_access_and_analysis_guide_en.pdf)
  4. Business Object - Universe Designer : see the product guide (xi3_designer_en.pdf)
  5. Dashboard and Analytics : see the product guide (xi3_getting_started_creating_dashboards_en.pdf)
  6. Voyager : see the product guide (xi3_voyager_adminguide_en.pdf and xi3_voyager_userguide_en.pdf)

Demo materials and samples

Demonstration databases built with Microsoft Access 2000, universes and sample reports are included in the Desktop Intelligence demo kit (installed by default).

There are two demonstration SAP BOBJ - Universe :

  • Island Resorts Marketing
  • and eFashion.

The examples that you can find in the user's guides are based on them.

Island Resorts Marketing - Club database

The Club database is used by the sales manager of the fictitious business, Island Resorts, to perform sales and marketing analysis. You can find the database file, Club.mdb, in the Databases subfolder in the Business Objects installation path.


The efashion database is also shipped with this release. This MS Access 2000 database tracks 211 products (663 product color variations), sold over 13 stores (12 US, 1 in Canada), over 3 years.

The database contains:

  • A central fact table with 89,000 rows of sales information on a weekly basis.
  • A second fact table containing promotions.
  • Two aggregate tables which were set up with aggregate navigation.

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