SVG - Line

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Geometry - Line in Svg.

If you want to add a arrow head or polymarkers, see SVG - Marker (arrowheads or polymarkers)






line.defined shows gaps for missing or invalid data

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D3 - Line

Svg line in D3
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SVG - (Straight) Line

You can draw a straight line in SVG with the following two elements: The line element defines a line segment that starts at one point and ends at another. See Path - Draw a straight...
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SVG - Curve (Line)

in SVG. A curved line is just designed with a path element. There are three different path commands that you can use to create smooth curves. bezier curve, an “arc” or part of a circle....
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SVG - Marker (arrowheads or polymarkers)

The element defines the graphics that is to be used for drawing: arrowheads or polymarkers on a given path, line, polyline or polygon element. Element/marker...
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SVG - Shape and Path

The representation of geometric object (shape) in svg. They are in the grammar. You need to use the path element to create them

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