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A page to take trace of library/application based on d3

Towards Reusable Charts


See the list on Github: https://github.com/topics/d3

Semiotic Data visualization framework for React based on React and D3 See also React Plotly
Crossfilter A library for working with large, multivariate datasets, written primarily by Mike Bostock. This is useful for trying to squeeze your “big data” into a relatively small web browser.
Dashku An online tool for data dashboards and widgets updated in real time, by Paul Jensen.
dc.js The “dc” is short for dimensional charting, as this library is optimized for exploring large, multidimensional datasets
NVD3 Reusable charts with D3. NVD3 offers lots of beautiful examples, with room for visual customizations without requiring as much code as D3 alone.
Polychart.js More reusable charts, with a range of chart types available. Polychart.js is free only for noncommercial use.
Tributary A great tool for experimenting with live coding using D3, by Ian Johnson.
http://raw.densitydesign.org/ densitydesign/raw/ d3 wizard online
https://vega.github.io/vega/ Vega
http://d3-annotation.susielu.com/ Annotations

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