D3 - Layout Module

1 - About

Layouts module supply reusable, flexible visualization techniques by generating abstract data structures.

3 - Example

3.1 - Partition

The partition layout computes a two-dimensional spatial subdivision of a hierarchical (tree visualization); each node has a closed range in x and y. The nodes are bound to arcs for:

  • a sunburst (<math>x \to \theta, y \to r</math> ),
  • or rectangles for an icicle tree.

3.2 - Chord

The chord layout computes an angular partition from a weighted adjacency matrix, enabling radial diagrams in the style of Circos.

3.3 - Force

The force layout combines physical simulation and iterative constraint relaxation for stable graph layout.

3.4 - Stack

The stack layout computes the y0 baseline for stacked graphs

3.5 - Squarified treemap

The squarified treemap layout computes another spatial partition well-suited for animation.

3.6 - Pack

Pack layout to represent a Hierarchy (or a tree).

3.7 - Tree

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