BIP - How to access to BIP with the administrator privileges ?

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You may have problem to access BIP when you have installed it in bundle with OBIEE.

The error below may occur and you are unable to access BIP.

"Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise
Reporting Login: Login failed: Please contact administrator for your username/password."

We assume that BIP is already installed with a complete installation of OBIEE.


Modification of the xmlp-server-config.xml

BIP is a standalone software. The default installation with OBIEE is performed with the standard user of Oracle BI Server Administrator/Administrator (be careful the password is case sensitive) and if you have changed this password, you have some solutions to be able to connect to the admin page of BIP:

  1. By changing the security model to XDO and then you can login with the credential Administrator/Administrator
  2. By made a modification in the file “xmlp-server-config.xml” to enable the Local SuperUser feature and to change the security model to his own security (BI Publisher Security).

Changing the password of the Account Administrator in the OBIEE repository layer to this initial password Administrator works but is less easy.

This file is located in this directory "OracleBI\xmlp\XMLP\Admin\Configuration". Below, you can find the content of an “xmlp-server-config.xml” example file

  • where the credential are for the Local Super User :
    • Login : SuperUser
    • Password : SuperUser
  • where the security model is XDO (BI Publisher Security)

The Local Super User enable you to bypass all the security configuration and to be able to manage BIP even if a bad modification is done.

<xmlpConfig xmlns="">
   <property name="SUPERUSER_PASSWORD" value="F1E4E5E8B518080B04A961C0A50FDCD5DAF502723378"/>
   <property name="SUPERUSER_USERNAME" value="SuperUser"/>
   <property name="ENABLE_SUPERUSER" value="true"/>
   <property name="GUEST_FOLDER" value="false"/>
   <property name="SAW_SERVER" value="host_obiee"/>
   <property name="SAW_USERNAME" value="Administrator"/>
   <property name="SAW_VERSION" value="v4"/>
   <property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD_ENC" value="5E3BABAE58FC7A710FAE48090457D8D5"/>
   <property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_ADMIN_USERNAME" value="Administrator"/>
   <property name="DEBUG_LEVEL" value="exception"/>
   <property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_URL" value="jdbc:oraclebi://host_obiee:9703/"/>
   <property name="SAW_SESSION_TIMEOUT" value="90"/>
   <property name="BI_SERVER_SECURITY_DRIVER" value=""/>
   <property name="SAW_PORT" value="9704"/>
   <property name="SAW_PROTOCOL" value="http"/>
   <property name="SAW_URL_SUFFIX" value="analytics/saw.dll"/>
   <property name="SECURITY_MODEL" value="XDO"/>
   <property name="SAW_PASSWORD_ENC" value="C832572BA5BE2B1EE9CC4C9B32C62CDF"/>

Restart of BIP

If you change the configuration file, you must restart the BIP/XMLP application with the control center (or the OC4J server) before a new connection to BIP


After one of this two modifications, you are normally able to connect on the admin tab after the first loggin in the BIP Url :


With one of this credential :

  1. SuperUser/SuperUser
  2. Administrator/Administrator

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