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Using the xdodebug.cfg file is a great way to debug the BI Publisher API's for custom code that is calling the BI Publisher API's. Below is the metalink note on how to do this but beware…..

    Direct report publishing via the XML Publisher Core APIs (without concurrent processing)
    1. Connect to the Apache Server as ‘applmgr’. Run the APPSORA.env to set the APPS environment (Windows: envshell.cmd).
    2. Create an $XDO_TOP/temp directory.
    3. Go to the $OA_JRE_TOP/jre/lib directory.
    4. Create an xdodebug.cfg file with the following 2 lines:
    LogDir=[full XDO_TOP]/temp
    5. Restart the Apache server.
    6. Reproduce the problem.

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