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The classpath for junit must include junit.jar if not in Ant's own classpath

In the build file

In the buildfile, just add to the classpath element the junit.jar.


<!-- Add the test jar (junit and testng) -->
<path id="test.class.path">
	<path refid="classpath.base" />
	<fileset dir="${test.lib}">
		<include name="**/junit*.jar" />
		<include name="**/*test*.jar" />

<!-- Run the test and design the test.class.path -->
<target name="test" depends="create">
	<junit printsummary="true" haltonfailure="no">
		<classpath refid="test.class.path" />
		<formatter type="plain" usefile="false" />
		<test name="junit/HelloWorld" haltonfailure="no" outfile="junitout/HelloWorld" />

With eclipse

Add junit.jar in the configuration path.

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