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Loggers extend the capabilities of listeners and add the following features:

  • Receives a handle to the standard output and error print streams and therefore can log information to the console or the -logfile specified file.
  • Logging level (-quiet, -verbose, -debug) aware
  • Emacs-mode aware


Classname Description Type
DefaultLogger The logger used implicitly unless overridden with the -logger command-line switch. BuildLogger
NoBannerLogger This logger omits output of empty target output. BuildLogger
listener.MailLogger Extends DefaultLogger such that output is still generated the same, and when the build is finished an e-mail can be sent. BuildLogger
listener.AnsiColorLogger Colorifies the build output. BuildLogger
listener.Log4jListener Passes events to Log4j for highly customizable logging. BuildListener
XmlLogger Writes the build information to an XML file. BuildLogger
listener.TimestampedLogger Prints the time that a build finished BuildLogger
listener.BigProjectLogger Prints the project name every target BuildLogger
listener.SimpleBigProjectLogger Prints the project name for subprojects only, otherwise like NoBannerLogger Since Ant 1.8.1 BuildLogger
listener.ProfileLogger The default logger, with start times, end times and durations added for each task and target. BuildLogger

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