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A target is a grouping of tasks designed to do a particular job.

Targets can declare other targets that they depend on.

In a build, targets are the unit of incremental build.


The default target is an attribute of the project

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is a build tool such as make, gnumake, nmake, jam,... without their limitations. is a Java technology-based build tool developed by the Apache Software Foundation (). supplies...
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A task is a function and belongs to a target The task operates only on the parameters it is given. Tasks can consume and emit items and properties. By design, they have no other insight into the state...
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Apache Ant's buildfiles are the ant script and are written in XML. Each buildfile contains: one and at least one (default) target with task elements.
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The Ant's depends attribute specifies the order in which targets should be executed. It does not affect whether the target that specifies the dependency(s) gets executed if the dependent target(s) did...

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