Excel - How to define a name to source data ?


To source data from an Excel file, you must define a name for the range of data being sourced:

  • In the employee worksheet, highlight the range that you want to query from Oracle. The range should include the column names and the data. Ensure that the column names confirm to the rules for naming columns in the Oracle database.
  • Define an Name :
    • For Excel 2003 : From the Insert menu, select Name and then define
    • For Excel 2007 : From the Formula menu, select Define a Name

Then you can perform with the help of ODBC - Open Database Connectivity a sql statement as :

select Id, Name from Employee

Name Manager

You can manage the existing name with the Name Manager.

In Microsoft 2007 > Tab Formulas > Name Manager


Insert Statement

insert into [Sheet1$] (id,name) values(5,'Nico')

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