Kafka Connect - Converter (Read/Write - I/O)

1 - About

A converter is a connect concept.

It's the code used to persist data from a Connector.

3 - Interface Read/Write

Converters are decoupled from connectors themselves to allow for reuse.

For example, using the same Avro converter

  • the JDBC Source Connector can write Avro data to Kafka
  • and the HDFS Sink Connector can read Avro data from Kafka.

4 - Management

4.1 - List

The converter properties in a worker configuration file specify the converters.

Type Encode / Decode
key.converter key
value.converter value
internal.converter internal storage topics

4.2 - Configuration

Each converter implementation will have its own associated configuration requirements.

To pass configuration parameters to key and value converters, prefix them with key.converter. or value.converter.


  • An AvroConverter bundled with the Schema Registry

# required when bundled with the Schema Registry 

  • JsonConverter without schemas


4.3 - Built-in

converters for:

  • Avro, (Default/Recommended)
  • JSON,
  • and String initially.

5 - Documentation / Reference

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