Kafka Connect - Source Connector (Producer/Write)

Converter Basics


Source connector


Write is balanced between the Partitions on different brokers. Always on the leader ?

Kafka Producer Broker

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Converter Basics
Kafka - Connect

Kafka Connect is a framework service based around connector to move data into and out of Kafka. The service is a worker. By starting a worker, you are starting connect. The management is done through...
Converter Basics
Kafka Connect - Connector Plugin

Connector is a component of the connect framework that coordinates data streaming by managing tasks A connector instance is a logical job. Each connector instance coordinates a set of tasks that actually...
Kafka Commit Log Messaging Process
Kafka Connect - File Source connector

Reading File with connect. Adapted from Quickstart kafka connect distributed mode Start the demo docker image...
Kafka Commit Log Messaging Process
Kafka Connect - JDBC Source Connector

Jdbc source connector

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