Gradle - Kotlin DSL


A page about the Kotlin DSL syntax of gradle

Kotlin is static typing based language and offers then all IDE feature such as auto-completion,… whereas groovy is not.



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Gradle - Language (DSL) Groovy / Kotlin

Gradle knowns two DSL language: Groovy base Kotlin based
Gradle - Plugin

plugin adds task to Gradle. A gradle distribution comes out of the box with: the base. the gradle core task api. (Ref)...
Gradle - Task

A build process execute a graph of tasks. Task may just be: container (lifecycle task) or provided by plugin In execution with the wrapper of the project Tasks themselves consist of:...
Gradle - Test

add a testImplementation or testCompile dependency in the module where the test are to create a test jar in kotlin dsl in the module that depends on the test class Single project:...
Gradle - Variable

Build file
How to bundle a jvm in a Gradle application targeting Windows, Linux or Macos

The gradle application plugin does not give the possibility to embed a jvm. This page shows how to do with a minimal knowledge of Gradle code
How to skip a task if another task is executed in Gradle?

This page shows you how you can skip a task if another task is executed. It can happen in a test development when you have some build task you don't want to execute in a dev setting but that you want...

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