Gradle - Project Property


Project property is a type property that has a project scope



Fix Property

You can access a project property in your build script simply by using its name as you would use a variable.


tasks.register("logprojectDisplayName") {
  doFirst {
    println("The project display name is  (${project.displayName})")

// Using a getter method
println project.buildDir
println getProject().getBuildDir()


project property may be added by plugin on the project level.

Example with the archivesBaseName project property added by the Java plugin.

val archivesBaseName: String by project
  • And using it in a task
tasks.register("logArchiveBaseName") {
  doFirst {
    println("The archiveBaseName value is  ($archivesBaseName)")





Example 1:

  • in a ci environment, gradle could be called with
gradle -q -PisCI=true --quiet
if (project.hasProperty("isCI")) {
    println("Performing release actions")
} else {
    throw InvalidUserDataException("Cannot perform release outside of CI")

Example 2: with a JavaExec

val cd: String by project
val arguments: String by project

tasks.register<JavaExec>("tabli") {
  main = "net.bytle.db.tabli.Tabli"
  classpath = sourceSets["main"].runtimeClasspath
  args = mutableListOf("conf","list","tabli*")
    workingDir = File(cd)
  if (project.hasProperty("arguments")){
     * We split and escape the arguments to not have any file wildcard expansion
     * (ie star will not become a list of files)
    args = arguments.split(" ").map{s->"\""+s+"\""}


Via System property


Via env

  • Setting a project property via a environment variable

Via command line

At the command line -

gradle -P, --project-prop       


gradle -q -Pkey=value ...

In build script

project.buildDir = 'target'


You see list the fix and runtime properties of a project:

gradlew properties


allprojects: [project ':bytle-api']
ant: [email protected]
antBuilderFactory: [email protected]a
archivesBaseName: bytle-api
artifacts: org.gra[email protected]7c61c2d1
asDynamicObject: DynamicObject for project ':bytle-api'
autoTargetJvmDisabled: false
baseClassLoaderScope: [email protected]38c7d7d
buildDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build
buildFile: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\api.gradle.kts
buildPath: :
buildScriptSource: [email protected]
buildscript: [email protected]737b
childProjects: {}
class: class org.gradle.api.internal.project.DefaultProject_Decorated
classLoaderScope: [email protected]f4a5781
components: SoftwareComponentInternal set
conf2ScopeMappings: org.gradle.api.p[email protected]29b7175b
configurationActions: org.gradle.c[email protected]67654c5c
configurationTargetIdentifier: [email protected]8
configurations: configuration container
convention: [email protected]
defaultArtifacts: org.grad[email protected]74b644a
defaultTasks: []
deferredProjectConfiguration: [email protected]1df53
dependencies: org.gradle.api.interna[email protected]78636439
dependencyLocking:[email protected]5cd42edd
depth: 1
description: null
displayName: project ':bytle-api'
distsDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\distributions
distsDirName: distributions
docsDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\docs
docsDirName: docs
ext: or[email protected]616839
extensions: [email protected]
fileOperations: [email protected]
fileResolver: [email protected]
gradle: build 'bytle-parent'
gradleKotlinDsl.projectAccessorsClassPath: AccessorsClassPath(bin=[C:\Users\gerardnico\.gradle\caches\5.6.4\gradle-kotlin-dsl-accessors\b4tuqbkjf3upd09vbsfagd6g9\cache\classes], src=[C:\Users\gerardnico\.gradle\caches\5.6.4\gradle-kotlin-dsl-accessors\b4tuqbkjf3upd09vbsfagd6g9\cache\src])
group: net.bytle
identityPath: :bytle-api
inheritedScope: org.gradle.intern[email protected]5aa0d2cb
install: task ':bytle-api:install'
jar: task ':bytle-api:jar'
java: org.g[email protected]518b5906
knows: task ':bytle-api:knows'
layout: [email protected]
libsDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\libs
libsDirName: libs
listenerBuildOperationDecorator: org.gradl[email protected]3df648c7
logger: or[email protected]bb0b97e
logging: [email protected]338
mavenPomDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\poms
modelRegistry: [email protected]
modelSchemaStore: org.grad[email protected]5efa528f
module: [email protected]
mutationState: project :bytle-api
name: bytle-api
normalization:[email protected]1a6438d4
objects: [email protected]
parent: root project 'bytle-parent'
parentIdentifier: root project 'bytle-parent'
path: :bytle-api
pluginManager: [email protected]3d8df8f
plugins: [[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]8578, [email protected]2ad2, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]a9a14]
processOperations: org.gradle.proces[email protected]39f6760f
project: project ':bytle-api'
projectConfigurator: org.gra[email protected]612a43f1
projectDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api
projectEvaluationBroadcaster: ProjectEvaluationListener broadcast
projectEvaluator: [email protected]09d
projectPath: :bytle-api
projectRegistry: [email protected]
properties: {...}
providers: [email protected]
publicType: org.gradle.api.plugins.BasePluginConvention
reporting: [email protected]
reportsDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\reports
repositories: repository container
resourceLoader: org[email protected]5daf01be
resources: [email protected]e
rootDir: D:\code\bytle-mono
rootProject: root project 'bytle-parent'
script: false
scriptHandlerFactory: org[email protected]61bc4e20
scriptPluginFactory: [email protected]
serviceRegistryFactory: [email protected]e7
services: ProjectScopeServices
shadow: com.g[email protected]7b6ca943
shadowJar: task ':bytle-api:shadowJar'
sourceCompatibility: 1.8
sourceSets: SourceSet container
standardOutputCapture: [email protected]338
state: project state 'EXECUTED'
status: integration
subprojects: []
targetCompatibility: 1.8
tasks: task set
testReportDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\reports\tests
testReportDirName: tests
testResultsDir: D:\code\bytle-mono\api\build\test-results
testResultsDirName: test-results
uploadArchives: task ':bytle-api:uploadArchives'
uploadShadow: task ':bytle-api:uploadShadow'
version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

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