Client Endpoint (Redirection URI | Redirection Endpoint | User Agent Redirection)

1 - About

The client endpoint is an endpoint used by the authorization endpoint to return authorization responses containing authorization credentials to the client via the resource owner user-agent (typically a browser).

The client endpoint is also known as:

  • the redirection endpoint
  • the redirection URI
  • The user-agent redirection

After completing its interaction with the resource owner, the authorization endpoint directs the resource owner's user-agent back to the client via a redirection endpoint.

3 - Properties

3.1 - URI

The redirection endpoint URI:

4 - Definition

The client's redirection endpoint can be defined :

4.1 - Static

during the client registration process

4.2 - Dynamic

With the authorization request, you can defined the redirection uri using the redirect_uri request parameter.

5 - Documentation / Reference

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