Jenkins - (Java) API (Object Model)

1 - About

Jenkins is primarily a set of Java classes that model the concepts of a build system.

All classes are bound to URLs by using Stapler.

3 - Object Model

3.1 - Hudson

The root of the object model is Hudson, and all the other model objects are reachable from it. It's a singleton instance.

3.2 - Build, Job

There are representational classes like:

  • Project (Also known as Job),
  • Build (build.getChangeSet() have all changes in de build)

3.3 - Part of a build

Then there are interfaces and classes that model code that performs a part of a build, such as:

  • SCM for accessing source code control system,
  • Ant for performing an Ant-based build,
  • Mailer for sending out e-mail notifications.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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