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Scripted Pipeline is written in a limited form of Groovy syntax.

[1, 2, 3] is a list in Groovy whereas [a: 1, b: 2, c: 3] is a map.

The built-in documentation can be found globally at: http://localhost:8080/pipeline-syntax/

node {
    sh 'echo hello world'


  • node and sh are build steps

Step parameters

Step parameters are given as key-value pairs:

# Step parameters are given as key-value pairs
readFile file: ''
# Shortcut when only one parameter is mandatory
# if parameter is a map, it must be enclosed in parentheses to avoid a syntactic ambiguity.
readFile ''
# multiple parameters:
readFile file: '', encoding: 'ISO-8859-1'
# nested steps
splitTests parallelism: count(size: 3)

Built-in variable

  • env environment variable: env.PATH or env.BUILD_ID See: Global env variable
  • params parameters defined for the Pipeline. params.MY_PARAM_NAME
  • currentBuild variable from the currentBuild. Example: currentBuild.result, currentBuild.displayName

See http://localhost:8080/pipeline-syntax/globals

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