Jenkins - Build

1 - About

A build is a result of one run of a Project.

3 - Status

3.1 - Stable

A build is stable if it was built successfully and no publisher reports it as unstable

3.2 - Unstable

A build is unstable if it was built successfully and one or more publishers report it unstable.

For example if the JUnit publisher is configured and a test fails then the build will be marked unstable.


3.3 - Successful

A build is successful when the compilation reported no errors.

3.4 - Broken

See failed

3.5 - Failed

A build is broken if it failed during building. That is, it is not successful.


3.6 - Completed

A build is completed, if it was started and finished with any result, including failed builds.

4 - Parameterized

5 - Documentation / Reference

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