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the node defines the provider property
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Java Conceptuel Diagram
J2EE - JPA and Stateless Session Bean (EJB) as Data Access Object (DAO)

Stateless EJB session beans as Data Access Object (DAO) implementation with JPA. You must use the EntityManagerFactory to get an EntityManager The resulting EntityManager instance is a PersistenceContext/Cache...
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JPA - Entity Manager

To manage entities in your persistence application, you need to obtain an javax/persistence/EntityManagerentity manager from an javax/persistence/EntityManagerFactoryEntityManagerFactory. An javax/persistence/EntityManagerEntityManager...
Hello Data Model Many To Many
JPA - How to model a @Many-to-Many Relationship ?

How to model a many-to-many relationship in JPA. One Hello can have several Category and One Category can have several Hello. The Ddl File: [Ddl File] One sequence: The HelloWorld entity...
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JPA - persistence.xml

The JPA specification requires the use of a persistence.xml file for deployment. The persistence configuration file must be named “META-INF/persistence.xml” in the persistence archive. This file...
Hyperjaxb Generated Source
Java - HyperJaxb - From Xml (Jaxb) to database (Jpa)

HyperJaxb is a Jaxb plugin that creates classes that are: JAXB-enabled (thanks to the JAXB schema compiler) and JPA-enabled (thanks to the Hyperjaxb3 Jaxb plugin) HyperJaxb permits then to have...

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