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The Java Persistence API (JPA) provides a mechanism for managing persistence,. object-relational mapping and functions for the EJB 3.0 and later specifications.

The final documentation can be also download from this web site: persistence-2_0-final-spec.pdf

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JPA - (Association) Fetch

The fetch attribute is a enum that specifies whether to load the field's persisted data: before the entity object is returned by the persistence provider (FetchType.EAGER) or later, when the property...
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JPA - API (Programming Model)

API JPA is a specification that deals with object/relational mapping and data persistence between Java and databases. When developing an application, you need to know how to use the following application...
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JPA - Documentation

specification Eclipse Link Example
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JPA - Entity (Operations|Lifecycle)

All entity operations are described in the chapter 3: Entity Operations of the specification The following operations are possible: PERSIST, MERGE, REMOVE, REFRESH, DETACH FLUSH This...
Jpa Mapping Method
JPA - Entity Annotations

A key feature of EJB 3.0 and JPA is the ability to create entities that contain object-relational mappings by using (metadata) annotations rather than deployment descriptors (orm.xml) as in earlier versions....
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JPA - Entity Manager

To manage entities in your persistence application, you need to obtain an javax/persistence/EntityManagerentity manager from an javax/persistence/EntityManagerFactoryEntityManagerFactory. An javax/persistence/EntityManagerEntityManager...
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JPA - How to define a @One-to-Many relationship ?

To define a one-to-many relationship, the following annotation is used @OneToMany. The Interface with parameters and default values: where: targetEntity is the entity class that is the target...
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JPA - Java Persistence API (JPA)

API The Java Persistence API is the Java API for the management of persistence and object/relational mapping for: Java EE and Java SE environments The Java Persistence consists of: The Java...
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JPA - Managed Entity

future updates to the entity will be tracked. persistence context The contains() method can be used to determine whether an entity instance is managed in the current persistence context. The...
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JPA - Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)

JPA standardizes the important task of object-relational mapping by using: Entity annotations XML Mapping Files (orm.xml) programmatically...

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