Python - (Un)Packing

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Initialization and extraction of variables


Unpacking: A convenient way to initialize variables from a list

>>> [x,y] = [1, 2]
>>> x
>>> y


Multiple assignment is really just a combination of tuple packing and sequence unpacking


Sequence packing: The values 12345, 54321 and 'hello!' are packed together in a tuple

t = 12345, 54321, 'hello!' 
(12345, 54321, 'hello!')


The reverse packing operation

x, y, z = t
>>> x
>>> y
>>> z

Sequence unpacking works for any sequence on the right-hand side. Sequence unpacking requires the list of variables on the left to have the same number of elements as the length of the sequence.


>>> listoflists = [[1,1],[2,4],[3, 9]]
>>> [y for [x,y] in listoflists]
[1, 4, 9]

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