Python - Statement (Instruction)

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Language - Statement (Minimal unit of execution) in Python


; of end of line.

my_list = [3,2,1]
my_list = [3,2,1];

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Language - Code Block (Grouping of Statement)

An application is generally constructed from code blocks. A block is a piece of program text that group statement. It' is generally executed as a unit (excepted for SQL Block where block manipulation...
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Python - Comments

The instructions that begin with a # (pound or hash) are single-line comments. A set of triple quotation marks design a multi-line comment.
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Python Grammar - Code Block

in Python Python follows the Off-side_ruleoff-side rule. Instead of punctuation or keywords, it uses indentation to delimit program blocks of statement. (Pfff!) The block of code in Python is indented...

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