WLST - Command (function)


The Wlst Command (function)


Control Commands


To get the documentation about a command, use the help function:

wls:/offline> help()

WLST is a command line scripting tool to configure and administer WebLogic Server. Try:

    help('all')              List all WLST commands available.
    help('ADFURLConnectionadmin')List Commands for managing ADF Based URL Connections
    help('MDSrepositoryadmin')List Commands for Metadata Repository Management.
    help('WebServices')      List commands for Oracle WebServices WLST.
    help('audit')            Lists commands for Common Audit Framework
    help('browse')           List commands for browsing the hierarchy.
    help('common')           List the most commonly used commands.
    help('control')          List commands for controlling the domain/server.
    help('deployment')       List commands for deploying applications.
    help('diagnostics')      List commands for performing diagnostics.
    help('editing')          List commands for editing the configuration.
    help('fmw diagnostics')  Lists commands for performing FMW diagnostics.
    help('information')      List commands for displaying information.
    help('jrf-config-help')  No resource found for jrf-config-help, key: jrf-config-help_shortDescription
    help('lifecycle')        List commands for managing life cycle.
    help('nodemanager')      List commands for using Node Manager.
    help('oamap')            Lists commands for OAM Authentication and Identity Assertion Provider.
    help('oamapsso')         No resource found for oamapsso, key: oamapsso_shortDescription
    help('offline')          List all offline commands available.
    help('online')           List all online commands available.
    help('opss')             Oracle platform security services Commands.
    help('ossoiap')          Lists commands for OSSO Identity Assertion Provider
    help('sslconfig')        List commands for SSL, wallet and JKS configuration
    help('storeadmin')       List all store admin commands.
    help('trees')            List commands use to navigate MBean hierarchy.
    help('variables')        List all global variables available.
    help('wsm_manage')       Lists commands for Oracle WSM Policy Management

wls:/offline> exit()

Exiting WebLogic Scripting Tool.

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