WLST - (Custom Command|Custom Component Command)


Many components provide custom WLST commands through Python script.

To use those custom commands, you must invoke the WLST script from the see|appropriate Oracle home.

WLST Commands for System Components

In addition to the commands provided by WLST for Oracle WebLogic Server, WLST provides a subset of commands to monitor and manage system components. These commands are:

  • startproc(componentName [, componentType] [, componentSet): Starts the specified component.
  • stopproc(componentName [, componentType] [, componentSet): Stops the specified component.
  • status(componentName [, componentType] [, componentSet): Obtains the status of the specified component.
  • proclist(): Obtains the list of components.

To use these custom commands, you must invoke the WLST script from the Oracle home on the server in which the component has been installed. Do not use the WLST script in the WebLogic Server home. The script is located at:

(UNIX) ORACLE_HOME_for_component/common/bin/wlst.sh
(Windows) ORACLE_HOME_for_component\common\bin\wlst.cmd

Example for Oracle_BI:


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