Innovation happens at interstices as we borrow and extend the ideas of our neighbors.

A positive emotional state is ideal for creative thought, but it is not very well suited for getting things done. Too much, and we call the person scatterbrained, flitting from one topic to another, unable to finish one thought before another comes to mind. A brain in a negative emotional state provides focus: precisely what is needed to maintain attention on a task and finish it. Too much, however, and we get tunnel vision, where people are unable to look beyond their narrow point of view. Both the positive, relaxed state and the anxious, negative, and tense state are valuable and powerful tools for human creativity and action. The extremes of both states, however, can be dangerous.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Ayn Rand

 Toothpaste For Dinner Random Comics

If you love all sorts of different disciplines, you see patterns across creation. .

The ability to see those patterns is where creativity comes from. It allows you to see outside the box. If you like seeing spiral patterns in rivers and air, you could also see them in curls of hair. You have a sort of feel for the marvelous underlying beauty of creation.

When you do new things, people reject you (…). People like the idea of innovation in the abstract, but when you present them with any specific innovation, they reject it because it doesn’t fit with anything they already know

Jessica Livingston - Founders at Work

Personality Scale

From the book “Genius: The Natural History of Creativity” by Hans Eysenck”

Factor Non-linear loadings
Resourceful 0.82
Insightful 0.76
Individualistic 0.72
Reflective 0.68
Intelligent 0.67
Interests ~ wide 0.66
Humorous 0.64
Clever 0.62
Inventive 0.58
Self-confident 0.57
Original 0.55
Interests — narrow 0.54
Confident 0.53
Egotistical 0.47
Unconventional 0.49
Sexy 0.45
Mannerly 0.4
Capable 0.38
Dissatisfied 0.33
Sincere 0.31
Snobbish 0.31
Conventional 0.28
Informal 0.28
Submissive 0.28
Honest 0.22
Suspicious 0.14
Conservative 0.13
Affected 0.09
Cautious 0.09
Commonplace 0.06

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