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RowFixture tests dynamic lists of objects. It will compare the expected list (FitNesse table) with the actual result (from fixture code) and report any additional or missing items.

similar to:


  • The first row of the table is the fixture class name.
  • The second row describes the structure of objects in the list (the properties or methods that you want to verify).
  • All rows after that describe expected objects in the array.


The fixture class should extend fit.RowFixture and override the following two methods:

  • getTargetClass — returns the Type or Class object representing the type of objects contained in the array.
  • query — returns the actual array of objects to be verified.


  • Row table
!include -seamless SetUpFixture

|name|post code|
|John Smith|SW4 66Z|
|Michael Jordan|NE1 8AT|
  • Fixture class implementation
package info.fitnesse.fixturegallery;

import info.fitnesse.fixturegallery.domain.Player;
import fit.RowFixture;

public class RowFixtureTest extends RowFixture{
	public Class getTargetClass() {
		return Player.class;
	public Object[] query() throws Exception {
			return Player.players.toArray();

Documentation / Reference

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