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A fixture is a test class that test the system and that matches the expected format of test table.

In the example, it seems that Division is the class under test but class application are not so simple. Fixtures are just test and therefore should not contain any business logic.

The engine will:


Search Path

The fixtures are searched in the search path that is created with the import table.

You need to use a classpath to specify the fixture code resides.


Shared state

Shared state between fixture:

  • use of a static variable

Fitnesse test tables on a single page often need to share a common object.


In the below decision table example.

|eg.Division                    |
|10       |2          |5.0      |
|12.6     |3          |4.2      |
|22       |7          |~=3.14   |
|9        |3          |<5       |
|11       |2          |4<_<6    |
|100      |4          |33       |

the fixture code is the class eg.Division.

public class Division {
  private double numerator, denominator;
  public void setNumerator(double numerator) {
    this.numerator = numerator;
  public void setDenominator(double denominator) {
    this.denominator = denominator;
  public double quotient() {
    return numerator/denominator;

Documentation / Reference

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