Fitnesse - Command line


Fitnesse at the command line

Application Delivery

  • fitnesse.jar is for use in Maven or Ivy
  • fitnesse-standalone.jar has all dependencies

Users who just want to run FitNesse by itself should download fitnesse-standalone.jar instead of fitnesse.jar.

Get them in Maven:


Usage: java -jar fitnesse.jar [-vpdrlfeoaicb]
        -p <port number> {80}
        -d <working directory> {.}
        -r <page root directory> {FitNesseRoot}
        -l <log directory> {no logging}
        -f <config properties file> {}
        -e <days> {14} Number of days before page versions expire
        -o omit updates
        -a {user:pwd | user-file-name} enable authentication.
        -i Install only, then quit.
        -c <command> execute single command.
        -b <filename> redirect command output.
        -v {off} Verbose logging
  • workDir will contain as sub dir the pageRootDir
  • pageRootDir is the root folder of the website. Default: workindDir\FitNesseRoot



  • Example With Authentication
java -jar fitnesse-standalone.jar -a [user:pwd or user-file-name] -c "username:password:MyTestPage?test&format=text"

Documentation / Reference

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