Fitnesse - Engine (Test System)


Fitnesse has two test backend engine:

Test Run

  • FitNesse submits the test table to the engine (test system)
  • The engine looks for and runs the fixture code corresponding to the test table.
  • For each row of data in a test table, from left to right, the engine will determine if it's:
    • an input cell
    • or an output cell (?)
  • Then it will call the methods (from left to right) of the fixture code
    • the input method (using the setter methods)
    • and the output methods (that return value)


FitNesse displays the results page accordingly to the return values and figures out whether to turn table cells :

  • red with the expected and actual values - bad test
  • green - good test
  • or yellow with stack trace - if an exception was thrown, or if a fixture, a field, or method could not be found


  • In the green cells, we got back the expected values from our code.
  • A cell turns red when we get back a different value than what we expected. We also see two values: the expected value and the actual value.
  • A yellow cell, if an exception was thrown

Documentation / Reference

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