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ttIsql is an interactive SQL command line utility that allows developers to execute SQL statements to create, view, compile and run PL/SQL subprograms. Similar to SQL*Plus, ttIsql can also be used by database administrators for manage their databases.


ttISql -help


How to Connect

When connecting to the database using ttIsql, you can specify:

  • a DSN (Example in batch mode)
ttisql myDSN
  • a connection string
Command>connect "dsn=plsqldb; uid=pls; pwd=pls; oraclepwd=pls";

List of functions

Function Description Example
packages List the packages packages;
desc Describe the Dataabse Object desc MyPackage;
@ To start a procedure @TT_SCRIPTS/plsql_sql/5_call_workload.sql;

See syntax


1 extra arguments starting with

C:\Users\gerard>ttisql DI_TT_AGGR_STORE;
ttisql: Error: 1 extra arguments starting with 'DI_TT_AGGR_STORE;'
A non-option <DSN> or <CONNSTR> needs to be the last argument.

Just suppress the semicolon.

Documentation / Reference

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