(TimesTen|TT) (In-Memory Database|IMDB)


Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database (TimesTen) is a memory-optimized relational database.

IMDB = In-Memory Database

For existing application with data residing on the Oracle Database, TimesTen is deployed as an in-memory cache database with automatic data synchronization between TimesTen and the Oracle Database.


Timesten Component


Deployed in the application tier as a database and transaction management system, TimesTen operates on databases that fit entirely in physical memory (RAM).

Optional data replication and Oracle caching extend the product to enable multi-node and multi-tier configurations.

TimesTen can be embedded within the applications to further improve performance of database operations by eliminating inter-process communication and network overheads.

Timesten Architecture

The architectural components include:


The application can connect to the IMDB Cache or TimesTen database by direct link and by client/server connections.


  • The Replication agents receive information from master databases and send information to subscriber databases.
  • The cache agent performs all asynchronous data transfers between cache groups in the IMDB Cache and the Oracle database.

Data Structure

The IMDB data Structure resides entirely in main memory at run time. It is maintained in shared memory segments in the operating system and contains all user data, indexes, system catalogs, log buffers, lock tables and temp space.

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