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When you connect from an application, you use a Data Source Name (DSN) to uniquely identify the particular TimesTen database to which you want to connect.

A DSN is a character-string name that identifies a TimesTen database and a collection of connection attributes that are to be used when connecting to the database.

If a user tries to use a DSN that has connection attributes for which they do not have privileges, such as first connection attributes, they receive an error.

Even though the DSN uniquely identifies a TimesTen database, a database can be referenced by multiple DSNs. The difference between each of these unique DSNs is in the specification of the connection attributes to the database. This provides convenient names to different connection configurations for a single database.



The Client DSN defines the server machine and the Server DSN.

The Client DSN is configured in either the user or system ODBC.INI file.

Example of Client DSN on ORACLE_INSTANCE/instance1/bifoundation/OracleBIApplication/coreapplication/setup/odbc.ini

[ODBC Data Sources]
TT_AGGR_STORE = TimesTen 11.2.2 Driver

TTC_SERVER = Exalytics-01.hotitem.local


  • Driver is the ODBC client driver.
  • TTC_SERVER is the server machine (either the logical server name) on which the database resides
  • TTC_SERVER_DSN is the Server DSN


The Server DSN is defined on the server machine where the database resides.

It is configured with the TimesTen database name and its connection attributes.

Server DSNs identify uniquely TimesTen databases that are accessed by:

The Server DSN specifies:

It has the same configuration format and attributes as a TimesTen Data Manager DSN. Some connection attributes are only allowed within the Server DSN specification. These attributes enable you to specify multiple client/server connections to a single server.

Server DSN attributes are defined in the ODBC.INI file or the ODBC Data Source Administrator.

A Server DSN:

  • must be defined as a system DSN.
  • can be added or configured while the TimesTen Server is running.

Example of server DSN in the daemon_dir/sys.odbc.ini

[ODBC Data Sources]
DI_TT_AGGR_STORE=TimesTen 11.2.2 Driver



Data Manager

See Timesten - ODBC Driver

Documentation / Reference

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