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For information on your TimesTen instance, run the ttStatus or ttVersion utility.

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Timesten Component
Timesten - DBI (Database Information) file

Every TimesTen data store has a DBI (Database Information) file associated with it. The DBI file is an internal catalog, storing information every data store which exists for this installation (instance)...
Timesten Component
Timesten - Directory structure

Timesten directory structure The TimesTen default installation directories for release 11.2.2 are as follows: On Windows, C:\TimesTen On UNIX, /TimesTen TIMESTEN_DIR is the base directory where...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttStatus Utility

With the ttStatus Utility, you can get information: on the database process such as the daemon on the connection on the replication policy on the cache agent policy where we can see that:...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttendaemon.options configuration file

The ttendaemon.options file contains TimesTen daemon options. Some connection attributes can be configured in the TimesTen daemon options file (ttendaemon.options). If you have set the same connection...

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