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The TimesTen main daemon (timestend) is a background process, which:

Application developers do not interact with timestend directly; no application code runs in the daemon and application developers do not, in general, have to be concerned with it.

Application programs that use TimesTen databases communicate with the daemon transparently by using TimesTen internal routines.

As the TimesTen daemon operates, it generates diagnostic information.

How to

start and stop it ?

If you have installed the TimesTen Server, it starts automatically when the TimesTen daemon is started otherwise it can be started and stopped using the ttDaemonAdmin utility

The daemon writes a timestend.pid file into the directory from which the daemon was started. By default, this is install_dir/info. This file contains the daemon's process ID. When you stop the daemon, this ID is used to determine the process to terminate. When the process terminates, the timestend.pid file is removed.

Configure it ?

See ttendaemon.options file

Documentation / Reference

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