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Timesten utility are located in the following location: ttHome/bin.

See the readme.txt file for brief information on the utilities or the Reference Guide for more detailled explanations.

To get a full list of available options, run

ttTheUtilityName -help
Utility Category Script
Setup.sh Install/Uninstall
setuproot Install/Uninstall
ttadmin Administration TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttAdminCmd
ttadoptstores Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttAdoptStoresCmd
ttbackup Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttBackupCmd
ttbulkcp General Purpose TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttBulkCpCmd
ttbulkcpcs General Purpose TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttBulkCpCSCmd
ttCapture Diagnostic
ttcheck Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCheckCmd
ttcrsactiveservice ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSactiveserviceCmd
ttcrsbackupservice ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSbackupserviceCmd
ttcrsdaemon ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSdaemonCmd
ttcrsmaster ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSmasterCmd
ttcrssubscriber ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSsubscriberCmd
ttcrssubservice ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSsubserviceCmd
ttcwadmin Administration TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCWAdminCmd
ttcrsagent ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSAgentCmd
ttcrsapp ? TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttCRSappCmd
ttdaemonadmin Administration TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttDaemonAdminCmd
ttdaemonlog Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttDaemonLogCmd
ttdestroy Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttDestroyCmd
ttenv.[c]sh Administration
ttIsql General Purpose TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttIsqlCmd
ttisqlcs General Purpose TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttIsqlCSCmd
ttmigrate Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttMigrateCmd
ttmigratecs Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttMigrateCSCmd
ttmodinstall Administration
ttrepadmin Administration TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttRepAdminCmd
ttrestore Maintenance TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttRestoreCmd
ttschema Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttSchemaCmd
ttschemacs Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttSchemaCSCmd
ttsize Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttSizeCmd
ttstats cmd=TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttStatsCmd
ttstatscs TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttStatsCSCmd
ttstatus Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttStatusCmd
ttsyslogcheck Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttSyslogCheckCmd
tttail Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttTailCmd
tttracemon Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttTraceMonCmd
ttUser Administration
ttversion Diagnostic
ttxactadmin Administration TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttXactAdminCmd
ttxactlog Diagnostic TIMESTEN_DIR/bin/ttXactLogCmd
ttthunk ttThunk sets up the environment for TimesTen utility programs
uninst.sh Install/Uninstall

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Timesten Component
Timesten - Version (ttVersion)

With the help of the ttVersion utility, you get: the version the instance admin the group owner the Instance Home directory the daemon home directory the PL/SQL status
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Timesten - ttBulkCp

ttBulkCp is an utility to import and export data from a Timesten database Attribute lines are used for setting file attributes, which control the formatting of the datafile. Attribute lines...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttDaemonAdmin Utility

If you have installed the TimesTen Server, the daemon starts automatically when the TimesTen daemon is started otherwise it can be started and stopped using the ttDaemonAdmin utility The daemon writes...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttIsql

ttIsql is an interactive SQL command line utility that allows developers to execute SQL statements to create, view, compile and run PL/SQL subprograms. Similar to SQLPlus, ttIsql can also be used by database...
Jedit Search Replace With Return Value
Timesten - ttSize

ttsize is an utility used to estimate the table size. More: Oracle rows are always variable length in storage whereas TimesTen rows are always fixed length in storage. In Oracle, a column defined...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttStatus Utility

With the ttStatus Utility, you can get information: on the database process such as the daemon on the connection on the replication policy on the cache agent policy where we can see that:...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttsyslogcheck Utility

This diagnostic utility displays the name of the file into which TimesTen system messages are logged. If the syslog facility on a machine is not configured correctly for TimesTen, this utility will report...
Timesten Component
Timesten - ttxactadmin utility

The ttXactAdmin utility shows: all active transactions, the locks they are holding and anyone waiting on those locks.

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