Timesten - ttendaemon.options configuration file


The ttendaemon.options file contains TimesTen daemon options.

Some connection attributes can be configured in the TimesTen daemon options file (ttendaemon.options). If you have set the same connection attributes in both the DSN and the daemon options file, the value of the connection attributes in the Server DSN takes precedence.


The ttendaemon.options file is located in the daemon directory


During installation, the installer sets some of these options to correspond to your responses to the installation prompts.

# Commented values are default values
#-supportlog /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw/../TimesTen/tt1122/info/ttmesg.log
#-maxsupportlogfiles 10
#-maxsupportlogsize 10485760
#-userlog /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw/../TimesTen/tt1122/info/tterrors.log
#-maxuserlogfiles 10
#-maxuserlogsize 0x100000
-server 53397


The features that the ttendaemon.options file controls are as follows:

How to

Change configuration

You use the ttmodinstall utility to make changes to the ttendaemon.options file for most commonly changed options. If you cannot use ttmodinstall to change a particular option and must modify the ttendaemon.options file directly, stop the TimesTen daemon before you change the file. Restart the TimesTen daemon after you have finished changing the file. To change TimesTen Server options, it is only necessary to stop the server. It is not necessary to stop the TimesTen daemon.

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