Timesten - Enterprise Manager Plug-in Installation

Timesten Component

In progress


  • Install the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent on the same machine as TimesTen. Make sure the agent can successfully communicate with your Oracle Enterprise Manager Server and can upload data. For example, Agent Availability must be UP, Last Load Time should show a recent date/timestamp, and Last Load Time should get periodically updated.
  • Install Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database Release or later.
  • The Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent Operating System User and the TimesTen Operating System User can be different as long as both users belongs to the TimesTen users group.
  • The name of your TimesTen instance
  • The TimesTen username and password. The username and password are required when you configure the target instance. The target instance is defined as the instantiation of the System Monitoring Plug-In for TimesTen, monitoring a specific DSN.


The plug-in is not designed to be used with Client/Server DSNs. Only direct-linked DSNs should be used with this plug-in.


Metrics no longer collected

The plug-in can no longer collect metrics for the target in these situations:

  • If the user of the target is dropped.
  • If the user's password is changed while the plug-in is running.
  • If a database that corresponds to a target DSN is unloaded.
  • If the TimesTen daemon for a target DSN is stopped.

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