Timesten - ttadmin utility

Timesten Component

Timesten - ttadmin utility


Allows you to:

  • Specify policies to automatically or manually load and unload data stores from RAM.
  • Specify policies to automatically or manually start and stop replication agents for specified data stores.
  • Start and stop TimesTen cache agents for caching data from Oracle tables. The cache agent is a process that handles Oracle database access on behalf of a TimesTen data store. It also handles the aging and autorefresh of the cache groups in the TimesTen data store. Before using any cache features, you must start the cache agent. Cache options require that you specify a value for the OracleNetServiceName in the DSN.

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Timesten - Cache Agent

The cache agent process is responsible for managing the interaction and data synchronization between the Oracle database and the cache database. Changes that originate in the Oracle tables are refreshed...
Timesten Component
Timesten - How to (load|unload) the database in memory ?

The load of the database in memory is dependent of the ram policy. You can still manage it with the ttAdmin utility with the -ramLoad and -ramUnload option. It will place the database in memory,...
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Timesten Component
Timesten - Utility

Timesten utility are located in the following location: ttHome/bin. See the readme.txt file for brief information on the utilities or the Reference Guide for more detailled explanations. To get a full...

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