Timesten - ODBC Driver

Timesten Component


TimesTen includes the following TimesTen ODBC drivers:

  • TimesTen Data Manager driver for use with direct connect applications.
  • TimesTen Client driver for use with client/server applications.

Timesten Component

Timesten Client And Timesten Server


Data Manager

TimesTen includes the following two versions of the Data Manager ODBC driver:

  • Production: Use the production version of the TimesTen Data Manager driver for most application development and for all deployment.
  • Debug: Use the debug version of the TimesTen Data Manager driver only if you encounter problems with TimesTen itself. This version performs additional internal error checking and is slower than the production version. On UNIX, the TimesTen debug libraries are compiled with the -g option to display additional debug information.

On Windows, the production version of the TimesTen Data Manager is installed by default. To install the debug version, choose Custom setup. To install the TimesTen Client driver, choose either Typical or Custom setup.


Using the TimesTen Client driver, applications can connect transparently to TimesTen databases on a remote or local system that has the TimesTen Server and Data Manager installed.

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Timesten Component
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