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With the ttStatus Utility, you can get information:


Two databases

[oracle@Exalytics-01 ~]$ ttstatus
[oracle@Exalytics-01 ~]$ ttstatus
TimesTen status report as of Tue Jul  3 17:39:09 2012

Daemon pid 24150 port 53396 instance tt1122
TimesTen server pid 24160 started on port 53397
Data store /u01/app/oracle/product/aggregate_store/tt_aggr_store/di_tt_aggr_store
There are 11 connections to the data store
Shared Memory KEY 0x6311c0df ID 2051244038 (LOCKED)
PL/SQL Memory KEY 0x6411c0df ID 2051276807 Address 0x7fa0000000
Type            PID     Context             Connection Name              ConnID
Subdaemon       24154   0x00000000022c3430  Manager                        1940
Subdaemon       24154   0x0000000002319a70  Rollback                       1939
Subdaemon       24154   0x00000000023fdb50  Monitor                        1938
Subdaemon       24154   0x0000000002412040  Deadlock Detector              1937
Subdaemon       24154   0x0000000002426530  Checkpoint                     1936
Subdaemon       24154   0x000000000247ac80  Aging                          1933
Subdaemon       24154   0x000000000248f050  AsyncMV                        1935
Subdaemon       24154   0x00007f64380008c0  Flusher                        1934
Subdaemon       24154   0x00007f6438014db0  Log Marker                     1930
Subdaemon       24154   0x00007f64380293c0  HistGC                         1932
Subdaemon       24154   0x00007f6440040d60  IndexGC                        1931
RAM residence policy: Always
Replication policy  : Manual
Cache Agent policy  : Manual
PL/SQL enabled.
Data store /u01/app/oracle/product/cache_store/tt_cache_store/di_tt_cache_store
There are 21 connections to the data store
Shared Memory KEY 0x2a118004 ID 197132296
PL/SQL Memory KEY 0x2b118004 ID 197165065 Address 0x7fa0000000
Type            PID     Context             Connection Name              ConnID
Cache Agent     30153   0x0000000000814a40  Handler                           1
Cache Agent     30153   0x0000000000976600  Timer                             2
Cache Agent     30153   0x000000000098a9d0  Aging                             3
Cache Agent     30153   0x0000000000d40ff0  BMReporter(1102756160)            5
Cache Agent     30153   0x00007f69881759a0  Refresher(S,5000)                 6
Cache Agent     30153   0x00007f69882aebe0  Refresher(S,300000)               7
Server          26792   0x0000000000643880  DI_BISAMPLE@DI_TT_CACHE_STORE    12
    (Client Information: pid: 9560; IPC: TCP/IP;
        Node: HI-LAPTOP-NGD (
Server          8915    0x000000000239e880  nqsserver                         8
    (Client Information: pid: 5554; IPC: TCP/IP;
        Node: Exalytics-01 (
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000006ed640  Manager                        1940
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000007544b0  Rollback                       1939
Subdaemon       24157   0x0000000000807b10  Flusher                        1937
Subdaemon       24157   0x000000000081c000  Checkpoint                     1938
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000008304f0  Aging                          1935
Subdaemon       24157   0x0000000000884900  Log Marker                     1934
Subdaemon       24157   0x0000000000898f00  HistGC                         1933
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000008ad2d0  AsyncMV                        1932
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000008c16a0  IndexGC                        1931
Subdaemon       24157   0x00000000009b4820  Monitor                        1936
Subdaemon       24157   0x00007f86840008c0  Deadlock Detector              1930
Replication policy  : Manual
Cache Agent policy  : Manual
TimesTen's Cache agent is running for this data store
PL/SQL enabled.
Accessible by group oinstall
End of report

where we can see that:

  • the TimesTen daemon is running as process 24150 on port 53396 for the timesten instance tt1122
  • the TimesTen Server is running as process 24160 on port 53397.
  • a database named di_tt_aggr_store and other named di_tt_cache_store

for the database di_tt_cache_store:

  • there are currently 13 connections: two users and 11 subdaemon connections.
  • The ram policy is not set (of has the default value). On the database di_tt_aggr_store, it is set to Always.
  • The cache agent policy is set to manual
  • The replication policy is set to manual
  • PL/SQL is enabled
  • The TimesTen's Cache agent is running

Old instance with user not disonnected

This example shows a connection to an old instance of a database. This can occur when a database is invalidated, but one users have not disconnected from the invalidated copy of the database still in memory. After all users disconnect, the memory can be freed.

TimesTen status report as of Mon Mar  7 12:44:49 2011
Daemon pid 5088 port 17000 instance MYINSTANCE
TimesTen server pid 4344 started on port 17002
Data store c:\temp\sample
There are no connections to the data store
Obsolete or not yet active connection(s):
Process  4696 context 0xd08800 name sample connid 1, obsolete connection, shmKey
Replication policy : Manual
Cache agent policy : Manual
End of report

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