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The connection attributes are of two types:

  • first : to specify how the TimesTen database is loaded and configured,
  • general: to specify how the connections are to be controlled or managed.

Only the instance administrator can change a first connection attribute to a value other than the one currently in effect.

All of these connection attributes can be set in:

Even though the DSN uniquely identifies a TimesTen database, a database can be referenced by multiple DSNs. The difference between each of these unique DSNs is in the specification of the connection attributes to the database. This provides convenient names to different connection configurations for a single database.

Some connection attributes, can be configured in the TimesTen daemon options file (ttendaemon.options). If you have set the same connection attributes in both the DSN and the daemon options file, the value of the connection attributes in the DSN takes precedence.

How to

View and set connection attributes

Via ttIsql

You can view and set connection attributes with the ttIsql show and set commands.

To view a connection attribute (for instance for passtrough)

Command> show passthrough;
PassThrough = 0

To change the connection attribute setting, enter:

Command> set passthrough 1;

Via Odbc (Sql Developer,…)

To view a connection attribute (for instance for passtrough), you use the ttConfiguration built-in procedure

CALL ttConfiguration(); -- for all
call ttConfiguration('passthrough'); -- for one
PARAMNAME    PARAMVALUE                           
-----------  ----------                             
PassThrough  0           


Ignoring value requested for first connection attribute

Some attributes need a restart of the server.

Warning  6226: Ignoring value requested for first connection attribute 'PermSize' 
-- value currently in use: 25000, requested value: 50000

Documentation / Reference

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