Timesten - ttsyslogcheck Utility

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This diagnostic utility displays the name of the file into which TimesTen system messages are logged.

If the syslog facility on a machine is not configured correctly for TimesTen, this utility will report the problem.

This utility is supported only where the TimesTen daemon is running (e.g., not on client-only installations).


[oracle@Exalytics-01 bin]$ ./ttSyslogCheck -help
Usage: ttSyslogCheck {-h | -help | -?}
   or: ttSyslogCheck {-V | -version}
   or: ttSyslogCheck [-facility <name>]

  -h | -help | -?     Prints this message and exits.
  -V | -version       Prints version number and exits.
  -facility <name>    Specifies the syslog facility name.


[oracle@Exalytics-01 bin]$ ./ttSyslogCheck
System logging appears to be configured correctly.
(TimesTen syslog messages should be recorded in the file '/var/log/messages')

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