Timesten - (Diagnostic Information|daemon log)


The daemon generates the diagnostic information also known as:

  • TimesTen system messages
  • daemon log

such as:

  • error,
  • warning,
  • informational
  • and debug messages

At installation time, you determine whether these messages go:

TimesTen returns a message to the daemon log if the transaction log files and checkpoint files for your databases are on the same operating system device.


In the TimesTen_base/tt1122/info directory:

  • tterrors.log
21:10:40.64 Warn:    :  5649: No checkpoint files for /u01/../aggregate_store/tt_aggr_store (/u01/../tt12/info/f0e16.0).
16:20:46.01 Warn:    :  3468: TimesTen Daemon Release started.
  • ttmesg.log
16:20:46.01 Info:    :  3468: Running in /u01/app/oracle/product/fmw/../TimesTen/tt1122/info as group oinstall
16:20:46.02 Info:    :  3473: Process running as user oracle


The -noserverlog entry in a separate line in the ttendaemon.options file tells the TimesTen daemon to turn off logging of connects and disconnects from the client applications.

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