Timesten - Direct Connection


When the client application resides on the same machine as the TimesTen Server, you can use shared memory for the inter-process communication (IPC).

The best response time is achieved with TimesTen running in-process with the application (also known as “direct mode”).

This can be useful for:

  • performance purposes
  • or to allow 32-bit client applications to communicate with a 64-bit database on the server.

The TimesTen Data Manager driver is used with direct connection.

A direct JDBC connection contains the word direct in the Jdbc Url such as:



In the ttendaemon.options:

  • The -serverShmIpc entry tells the TimesTen Server to accept a client connection that intends to use a shared memory segment for IPC.
  • The -serverShmSize size tells the TimesTen Server to create a shared memory segment of the specified size in MB. If this entry is missing, the TimesTen Server creates a shared memory segment of 64MB.


maximum of 16 different instances

TimesTen supports a maximum of 16 different instances of the shared memory IPC-enabled server. If an application tries to connect to more than 16 different shared memory segments it receives an ODBC error.

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