Timesten - Connection


An application can connect to the IMDB Cache or TimesTen database by:


You may see up to 2047 connections.

While the best response time is achieved with TimesTen running in-process with the application (also known as “direct mode”), conventional client/server access is commonly used when a database is shared by several applications running on different servers.

Applications access TimesTen databases using standard SQL via:

  • JDBC,
  • ODBC,
  • ODP.NET,
  • OCI (Oracle Call Interface),
  • Pro*C/C++,
  • and Oracle PL/SQL programming interfaces.

The routines that implement the TimesTen functionality are embodied in a set of shared libraries that developers link with their applications and execute as a part of the application's process.

How to

see all current connections


with the ttxactadmin

[[email protected] ~]$ ttxactadmin -connections DI_TT_AGGR_STORE;
2012-06-22 13:58:28.393
TimesTen Release

ID   PID     Context            Name             Program        State TransID     UID

   1 2144    0x0000000000e926c0 di_tt_aggr_store ttIsqlCmd      Run               ORACLE
   2 2387    0x000000000167a880 nqsserver        ttcserver      Run      2.0      DI_OBIEE_AIRLINE_AGG
1930 30384   0x0000000000c2e0e0 AsyncMV          timestensubd   Run               SYS
1931 30384   0x0000000000bd9cd0 Deadlock Detector timestensubd  Run               SYS
1932 30384   0x00007fa894040c40 HistGC           timestensubd   Run               SYS
1933 30384   0x00007fa88c0008e0 Aging            timestensubd   Run               SYS
1934 30384   0x00007fa894055010 IndexGC          timestensubd   Run               SYS
1935 30384   0x0000000000bb1530 Checkpoint       timestensubd   Run               SYS
1936 30384   0x0000000000bc5900 Monitor          timestensubd   Run               SYS
1937 30384   0x0000000000b9d040 Log Marker       timestensubd   Run               SYS
1938 30384   0x0000000000b88c70 Flusher          timestensubd   Run               SYS
1939 30384   0x0000000000aa4a70 Rollback         timestensubd   Run               SYS
1940 30384   0x0000000000a4e430 Manager          timestensubd   Run               SYS
11 connections found

where the program:


With ttstatus

[[email protected] ~]$ ttstatus
TimesTen status report as of Fri Jun 22 14:07:33 2012

Daemon pid 30380 port 53396 instance tt1122
TimesTen server pid 2379 started on port 53397
Data store /u01/app/oracle/product/aggregate_store/tt_aggr_store/di_tt_aggr_store
There are 13 connections to the data store
Shared Memory KEY 0x5f11c0df ID 996376578 (LOCKED)
PL/SQL Memory KEY 0x6011c0df ID 996409350 Address 0x7fa0000000
Type            PID     Context             Connection Name              ConnID
Process         2144    0x0000000000e926c0  di_tt_aggr_store                  1
Server          2387    0x000000000167a880  nqsserver                         2
    (Client Information: pid: 24436; IPC: TCP/IP;
        Node: Exalytics-01 (
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000a4e430  Manager                        1940
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000aa4a70  Rollback                       1939
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000b88c70  Flusher                        1938
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000b9d040  Log Marker                     1937
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000bb1530  Checkpoint                     1935
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000bc5900  Monitor                        1936
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000bd9cd0  Deadlock Detector              1931
Subdaemon       30384   0x0000000000c2e0e0  AsyncMV                        1930
Subdaemon       30384   0x00007fa88c0008e0  Aging                          1933
Subdaemon       30384   0x00007fa894040c40  HistGC                         1932
Subdaemon       30384   0x00007fa894055010  IndexGC                        1934
RAM residence policy: Manual
Data store is manually loaded into RAM
Replication policy  : Manual
Cache Agent policy  : Manual
PL/SQL enabled.
Accessible by group oinstall
End of report

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