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The client application refers to the Client DSN when initiating a connection to locate and connect to the TimesTen database.

The Client DSN defines:

The Server DSN specifies the TimesTen database on that server, how the database is to be loaded, and how connections are to be managed.

Timesten Client And Timesten Server


Before the client application can connect to a TimesTen database, the user must configure:

Logical Server Name

The logical server name is an optional configuration on the client. When used, it specifies the server host name where the TimesTen database is installed. This is used when you want to hide or simplify the server host name.

You must use the logical server name when using shared memory IPC or UNIX domain sockets.

The logical server names are configured in the logical name file: TTCONNECT.INI. This file is searched:

  • first with the help of the SYSTTCONNECTINI environment variable
  • otherwise in this location daemon_home_dir/sys.ttconnect.ini


Description=TimesTen Server 11.2.2

How to

disconnect client/server connections

To disconnect client/server connections, stop the server. The connections are forcefully and immediately terminated.

Documentation / Reference

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