SSIS - Container


In SSIS control flow, containers:

  • group related tasks together
  • or define iterative processes.

As you can nest containers within other containers, it permits to create a hierarchy of task.

Containers can be start or endpoints for precedence constraints.


SSIS packages can contain the following kinds of container:


Each control flow task has its own implicit container.


Sequence containers group tasks and other containers.

It enables to:

  • set properties at the container level that apply to all elements within the container.
  • Disable a logical subset of the package for debugging purposes.
  • Create a scope for variables.
  • Manage transactions at a granular level.

For Loop

For Loop containers performs a loop until a condition is met.

The defined variable can be used with the following syntax:


Foreach Loop

Foreach Loop containers performs a loop with an collection.

  • File - Files in a folder.
  • Item – A property collection for an SSIS object.
  • ADO. A Recordset.
  • ADO.NET Schema Rowset. Tables in a dataset or rows in a table.
  • Variable – Array.
  • Nodelist - Elements and attributes in an XML document.
  • SMO – A collection of SQL Server Management Objects.

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