SSIS - Data Profiling



Data profiling capabilities


The Data Profiling task gathers the requested profile statistics and writes them to an XML document.

This can be:

  • saved as a file for later analysis,
  • or written to a variable for programmatic analysis within the SSIS control flow.

Create the data profile request

  • Create an SSIS (Integration Service) project that includes a package.
  • Add an ADO.NET connection manager for each data source that you want to profile.
  • Add the Data Profiling task to the control flow of the package.
  • Configure the Data Profiling task to specify:
    • The file or variable to which the resulting profile statistic should be written.
    • The individual profile requests that should be included in the report.

Ssis Data Profiling Task

Run it and view the results

The viewer is available:

  • in Debug Mode: in SQL Server Data Tools from the Properties dialog box of the Data Profiling task while the package is running in the development environment.
  • as a stand-alone tool. Where you can open the result file (XML) that the Data Profiling task generates,

Debug Mode

  • Run the package in debugging mode.
  • View the resulting profile statistics in the Data Profile Viewer. (When the Data Profiling task has completed, with the package still running, double-click the Data Profiling task, and then click Open Profile Viewer.)

Ssis Profile Viewer

Stand-alone viewer

Ssis Data Profiling Viewer

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