Kerberos - Authentication


What is Authentication, known also as Access control, Identification, or AuthN? in Kerberos

The KDC is the service that is responsible for authenticating users when Kerberos is used.


See Kerberos - kinit

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Kerberos is a time sensitive protocol because its authentication is based partly on the timestamps of the tickets. NTP (Network Time Protocol) must then be enabled
Kerberos - Key Distribution Center (KDC)

Key Distribution Center. A machine that issues Kerberos tickets. The KDC is a service that should only be running on a domain controller. The service name is “Kerberos Key Distribution Center”. Basically...
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kinit is an utility that permits to obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting tickets. You can then verify that the Kerberos configuration is good and that the authentication is working. kinit...

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